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Summer Studio 2022


Children’s Harbor Montessori School

Located in Snug Harbor Cultural Center

1000 Richmond Terrace, Building G -3rd Floor

Dina Baio-McLaughlin, Director


Ages 2 to 5 years
Dates School Year -September through June
Summer Camp -6 Weeks: July and August
Pre K for All 5 Full Day Program
Days/Times 5, 3 and 2 Half and Full Day Programs
*Half Day 9:00 to 11:45 am
*Full Day 9:00 am to 3:30 pm
*Contact school for staggered drop off and pick up times
Extended Hours Contact school for information
Registration Contact school for information
Off-site Activities All On-Site Activities

Since 1978, our Montessori philosophy, creative curriculum, and loving staff have developed the social, emotional, cognitive,and physical needs of our students. Each student’s unique personality is encouraged and respected as an important member of the Montessori community. Our students have the opportunity to work at their own pace to indulge in the innate willingness to learn.

The arts are vital to the school’s curriculum and fit perfectly within the Montessori method. Through the arts, our children devel-op autonomy and self-reliance, sensory-motor skills, and the ability to think abstractly. The school arranges frequent programs with the museums and galleries of Snug Harbor. We offer parents several education options.

Our Transitional Toddler program provides children at 2 years of age their first educational experience under the guidance ofa Montessori teacher. Our Pre-Primary (including PKA and Kindergarten) programs provide children 3 to 5 years of age a rich curric-ulum of Practical Life, Sensorial Materials, Math, Language Development, Fine Arts, Crafts, Music Exploration, Horticulture, Body Movement and Cultural Extensions. Our Kindergarten program is offered to children who have completed the PKA Program. This is the culmination of the 3-year Pre-Primary program. It is a skills-based curriculum with work books as well as hands-on Montes-sori materials to reinforce what the child has learned.

The Children’s Harbor Montessori School Summer Program provides an enriching, stimulating and creative experience for chil-dren ages 2 to 5. Children will experience our unique Montessori philosophy and curriculum, which is designed to develop thesocial, emotional, cognitive and physical needs of each child. The six-week fun-filled program includes cooking, painting, fine arts, crafts, music exploration, movement and dance, and Yoga. Educational programs include nature walks through the Snug Harbor Botanical Gardens, including the Chinese Scholar’s Garden and the Secret Garden, weekly programs with the on-site mu-seums, and lessons in Horticulture and Spanish. Children also enjoy games, exercise and free play activities in our large private playground.

Fear of separation? Not a problem. We have guided parents and toddlers through the difficult task of separation for over 3 dec-ades. Our Toddler Summer Program (ages 2 to 3) is available for 3 Full or 3 Half days only (Monday through Wednesday).

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